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Justin Bieber wild party with Snoop Lion: Cops called 3 times, pot smelled

Justin Bieber threw a bash at his Calabasas house Friday night that landed him in trouble with the police. Neighbors called the cops on Justin three times in the early hours of Saturday for excessive noise. Bieber was hosting the wild shindig for about 100 of his closest friends, including rapper Snoop Lion, according to TMZ on Nov. 16. Besides the noise, one neighbor even complained of the smell of pot coming from Bieb's home.

Justin Bieber in trouble with cops over rager he threw at his Calabasas home all night Friday with guests including Snoop Lion.

The first call made by neighbors to the police for a noise disturbance occurred around 1 a.m.. Sources say Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies spoke to someone inside the party, advising them to keep the noise down and left.

But apparently the noise didn't stop, and another call to the cops went out around 3 a.m.. This time the complaint reportedly came from Justin's next door neighbor who he's been at war with for some time.

That next door neighbor is the one who's complained multiple times to the police about the 19-year-old pop star speeding up and down their street. Bieber allegedly even spat on the man during one heated confrontation.

The unidentified neighbor even complained to the authorities on their second visit to the home, that he smelled marijuana wafting from Bieber’s house. But the cops gave the party guests another verbal warning to keep it down and left without arresting anyone.

Then at 5:30 the neighbor made a third call, complaining he couldn’t take the noise anymore. The deputies came out this time and filed a police report against Justin Bieber for disturbing the peace.

The young singer has been on a tear since breaking up with Selena Gomez. It seems not a week goes by that he hasn't found himself in the headlines over some bonehead antic.

But some celebs have come to the Canadian crooner's defense, pointing out that he's still a kid - a kid in an adult industry. Of course then there's all that money and fame.

According to the sources, the police will write up a full report on Friday night's incident before deciding whether to forward it on to the L.A. County District Attorney's office for possible prosecution.

That’s not likely, but maybe it's time for Justin to find some new digs, preferably somewhere out in the boonies.

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