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Justin Bieber weird news: Look-a-like on ‘Strange Addiction’, fans bet on deport

Justin Bieber news is flying faster than the star can go from Panama to Toronto in a private jet. Of course we could go into all the dry details, but it is a lot more fun to dish up the strange Justin Bieber news on Wednesday. Believe it or not, The Scoop is reporting on Wednesday that the fans are putting down cash on whether or not the star could be deported from the United States. If that isn’t weird enough, according to The Wrap on Monday, the season finale of TLC’s “My Strange Addition” introduces Toby who has spent over $100,000 in Plastic surgery.

As fans know an official petition has been filed with the White House and an official response is necessary to determine if there is any merit for deportation. However, the star doesn’t need to worry about that as it is a formality. Yet, in Los Angeles Bieber is facing felony charges and if convicted would be deported. Fans (or enemies) are wagering if one of these legal confrontations will stick making the Canadian no longer welcome in America. It sounds odd, but people are betting the star won’t be going anywhere real soon.

As for the guy getting the surgery to look like Justin Bieber, well that is weird too. Obviously the fan has a serious crush, but there is much bigger problem for this obsessed soul. With implants that include chin, hair and eye structuring, it is obvious Toby is very serious. He looks like Justin Bieber in many ways, but that was when Justin was a 15-year-old artist and not as the current 19-year-old in the Miami Beach Police Department mug shot. He shouldn’t feel too bad about this error though, as the fans see the same issue at the wax museums when they view the star and compare the image to the tabloids.

Justin Bieber might have legal troubles, but even he would have to smile at the weird news surrounding his life. It is so strange!

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