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Justin Bieber was abused with boos at the Juno Awards in Canada

Justin Bieber is continuing to struggle with a serious image problem in the aftermath of a series of allegations of criminal wrongdoing. Rolling Stone reported on March 31, 2014 that Bieber was booed at Canada's Juno Awards. Even though Bieber's fans helped him win this award not many of them appeared to be in attendance when he was announced as the winner.

 Justin Bieber waves after exiting from the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When the Canadian pop star's name was called the stadium was filled with cheers and audible boos. However, Bieber himself was not in attendance to hear all of this. Indie rock artist Serena Ryder, who won the award for Songwriter of the Year, didn't seem to think the negative atmosphere surrounding Bieber was appropriate. Ryder said, "I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician, and he deserved every bit of that award because he's been working his ass off his entire life and we need to support how awesome he is."

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that it appears the honeymoon between Bieber and his fans in Canada may be over as the announcement of his winning the fans-choice trophy was greeted with cheers and jeers on Sunday night. In all fairness to Bieber, he really is an awfully talented young guy who simply appears to have had some rough experiences of the nature which many decent people experience at sometime in their lives. This really could make him a better person because now as a wealthy superstar in a position to help others caught up with similar problems Bieber is now developing an emotional awareness of the human rights issues involved with such issues as he finds himself being terribly abused for what appears to be the first time in his life.

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