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Justin Bieber wants to be the best person he can for Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber performs at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Indio, California.
Justin Bieber performs at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Indio, California.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is showing the power of true love by making initiatives to radically change his life for the better for Selena Gomez. It appears Bieber is really ready to make positive changes in his life for Gomez reports Inquisitr on April 17, 2014. For a start apparently Bieber wants more positive people around him ever since his relationship with Gomez took of again.

A string of legal problems dealing with allegations of unusual behavior has not pushed Bieber off the deep end. Instead he has been confronting this difficult situation well with good legal counsel and his old girlfriend by his side. Clearly Bieber does not want to lose the faith of his fans as he makes efforts to be a better person daily by devoting much of his time to Gomez, his family, and his music.

The bad influences in Bieber's life are for the most part being weeded out reports E! Online. Sources close to him have shared that Bieber really is a "good kid" who understands it is not too late to change things for the better in his life. Bieber is really fortunate to have youth, talent, and wealth on his side. His harshest critics have never really been fair to him for it appears he's never really hurt anyone. It's great to see Bieber showing us all how much he has to offer in this world again.

Bieber and Gomez have been on and off again in their highly publicized relationship for years. Critics have insisted they are a bad influence for each other. It appears such critics lack insight into the power of this romantic relationship to heal emotional wounds and help bring the best out in each of them at such a crucial time in their emotional and career development. Photos of the two together show a caring and mature young couple who enjoy sharing their time together and growing together. Their relationship appears to have served as an inspiration for the two of them to work on being the best people they can in life.