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Justin Bieber Valentine's Day arraignment: Justin Bieber has a date with court

Justin Bieber
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Justin Bieber has a Valentine's Day arraignment, which means that he will be spending at least part of he romantic "holiday" in court. On Jan. 28, ABC News reported that The Biebs will likely be appearing before a judge on the morning of Feb. 14 unless his people are able to cut him a deal before then -- which might be possible given reports that he was charged with DUI when he wasn't even drunk. A urine test, however, is still pending and that will determine whether or not Justin had any illegal drugs in his system.

"The arraignment will take place at 9 a.m. in Miami. Unless he cuts a deal before then, which would therefore require him to plead guilty or no contest, Bieber does not need to be present," ABC News reported.

Justin Bieber's Valentine's Day arraignment likely won't amount to much -- given the fact that drag-racing and alcoholism have both been sort of debunked ahead of his court date. If he does end up appearing in court, Justin will undoubtedly be greeted by screaming fans and anxious paparazzi -- but he's used to that, right?

It's unknown if Justin Bieber has other plans for Valentine's Day, assuming he isn't taken to jail (which he likely won't be). He has been hanging out with various models all over the place (and a couple of weeks ago he was with ex, Selena Gomez) so it's hard to say if he has any romantic plans.

Justin Bieber's Valentine's Day arraignment won't be televised, but surely news stations will be covering all aspects of his morning in court.

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