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Justin Bieber turns himself in to police in Toronto on assault charges

Justin Bieber turned himself to Toronto police on Wednesday, Jan. 29. According to ABC News on Jan. 29, the 19-year-old is facing assault charges, making this the second arrest for the singer in a week.

Justin Bieber turns himself in to police in Toronto on assault charges
Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images

A Toronto police official said the charge dates back to December and involves an assault on a limo driver. The official was unable to speak on the record and his anonymity is being protected.

In December, the police were looking into reports that someone from Bieber’s entourage was involved in assaulting the limo driver who was chauffeuring the pop star around. They were unclear at the time if Bieber himself was involved.

His arrival at the police station was met by throngs of fans and media, many of whom had waited more than an hour in the freezing cold to catch a glimpse of the singer. He stepped out of a black SUV wearing a backwards baseball cap and a winter coat.

Earlier that same day, face charges in a Florida courtroom where we was accused of driving under the influence, driving at nearly twice the posted speed limit, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. He pled not guilty to all charges.

The music video for his song “Confident” debuted that afternoon, just as news of his impending arrest was hitting the media. It seems that Bieber has made more news of late for his lifestyle and behavior than for his music.

He is also still under investigation for that egg-throwing escapade in Los Angeles County that could result in felony vandalism charges.

This year seems to be following last year’s downward spiral. In 2013, Bieber was making news with antics that included a clash with a paparazzo to photographs of him smoking marijuana. The paparazzo has filed a lawsuit against the singer for assault and battery.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun tweeted Wednesday night "i ask people to be kind and hope for the best in people. not assume the worst. Thanks."

In contrast, Jon Bollock, a 14-year-old fan who withstood the cold outside the police station to watch Bieber come in, said, "it's pretty embarrassing for Canada."

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