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Justin Bieber in trouble again, this time in Toronto

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images

From drag racing to DUI, Justin Bieber has been having many brushes with the law within a short period of time. Recently, he was arrested in Miami for DUI and driving on an expired license. The singer didn't go down quietly and had a cocky attitude to go with it. He reportedly cursed out the officers while he was being arrested. Now, he turned himself in for another incident that happened in Toronto.

In Toronto, Justin Bieber was charged with assault on a limo driver. The New York Daily News reports that the incident happened back in December when the singer was on his way to a hotel with a group of his entourage. On the way, the limo driver ended up being involved in an altercation that turned physical. He was reportedly struck in the back of his head multiple times by one of the passengers. The limo driver contacted the police, but the person who assaulted him took off.

It's not known if Bieber was actually the one throwing punches. CBS reports that Bieber eventually turned himself in where he was given a notice to appear in court in March. Bieber's attorney claims that he is not guilty of what he was charged with and the worst case scenario is this will be treated as a summary offense.