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Justin Bieber tested positive for pot and Xanax

Justin Bieber appears at a police station in connection with an alleged criminal assault on January 29, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.
Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images

Justin Bieber was tested positive for pot and Xanax, according to a Jan. 30 CNN report. The pop singer was also under the influence of alcohol when police stopped him for drag racing along Miami Beach last week.

Bieber said to the police officer, "Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio." The officer said that Bieber "reeked of marijuana" in the patrol car, according to police documents released on Thursday.

The police officer also described the singer as "cocky," "insulting," "talkative," and "excited." He also used profanity towards the officer.

Bieber failed series of sobriety tests. He appeared glazed over with his pupils dilated. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was flush, the documents said.

The toxicology report said it tested positive for alprazolam, the name for the prescription Xanax. He also tested positive for "metabolite of THC" which is marijuana.

Justin Bieber is facing felonies all over North America. He's set to appear in court on Feb. 14 for his drag racing incident in Miami-Dade County. He's also expected to attend Toronto court on March 10 for his assault charge.

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