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Justin Bieber tells racist joke

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Once again, racist words hit the media. However, this time; Paula Deen is not the one trouble. It is Justin Bieber. The British tabloid, The Sun, posted the offending video on June 1, 2014.

TMZ reports that Justin told a racist joke to his friends at the age of 15. He knew that he was being filmed at the time for his 2011 concert documentary “Never Say Never,” but he did it anyway. When Justin started telling the joke, “"Why are black people afraid of chain saws?" one of his friends warned him not to go there.

However, Justin didn’t listen as he had to tell the punch line of, “Run N****r” which he repeated at least five times. Perhaps he wanted to make sure everyone heard in case they missed it the first four times. Laughter fills him after he said it.

The Sun reports that he launched a bid to keep the video hidden, but failed.

TMZ also reports that they had the video clip for four years, but they decided not to publish it or write about it on their site. They allege that they kept it silent because Justin was only 15 at the time. They state that he apologized to his friends afterwards although the clip they have published on the site does not show that part.

Sources tell TMZ that Justin is "frustrated and sad" and that he wants to issue an apology.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Can Justin be excused from the consequences because of his age even when he was told not to tell the joke? Paula Deen wasn’t excused for saying the word when she was held up at gunpoint many years ago. Write your comments below.