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Justin Bieber Drug Reference in New Song Sends Fans Wrong Message

Justin Beiber is glorifying the use of sizzurp, a widely abused drug made from cough syrup with codeine.
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Justin Bieber doesn't seem to know or care when he's steering his fans wrong. He's released a new song under the pseudonym, Sir Bizzle, that makes favorable references to sizzurp, the cough syrup-laced drink favored by rappers.

Bieber may just be posing, but he's been associated with the concoction so much he could be dealing with a codeine addiction.

His tune “We Were Born for This,” is laced with sizzurp references, comparing the drink with love.

but the boys and the girls
they don’t know
what love is like
love is like appreciation
mixed in a double cup of sprite

The double cup of sprite is a reference to the cough syrup. It's usually mixed with a soft drink and sipped.

Bieber has also been photographed sipping from a “double cup.”

The fact that he’s singing about it in his new songs definitely sends the wrong signal to his fans.

Codeine is highly addictive. Acetaminophen, which is also contained in the syrup, can cause serious liver and kidney damage if consumed with alcohol.

Pharmaceutical company, Actavis, which makes the “Prometh” brand favored by rappers, announced last week it was halting production and sales of the product because it is being widely abused.

To check out the song and lyrics click here.

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