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Justin Bieber seen smiling after learning he may have a legal loophole

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Despite his continuing legal troubles, Justin Bieber was recently spotted looking chipper as he left a Miami hotel. According to a Jan 25 story published by Perez Hilton, the young star was seen leaving his hotel with a smile spreading from ear to ear.

For most individuals, being charged with crimes would cause them to experience at least a little stress. However, Justin Bieber’s criminal charges do not seem to have phased him. While he made his way to the car, he stopped and signed autographs for a few lucky fans. His jolly appearance has led many to wonder what has the Biebs in such a good mood.

The answer may stem from recent revelations that the police reports filed against Justin had numerous flaws in them. There is little doubt that his high powered and well compensated attorney will be able to use this to his client’s advantage. So, it seems he may have a bright spot in his legal troubles after all.