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Justin Bieber says his life's difficult: The woes of this celebrity seem to grow

Justin Bieber had planned what he believed was a wonderful bash to be held upon a yacht to celebrate the Fourth of July. Things as usual didn’t go as planned. Since the paparazzi tails this music icon wherever he goes they were upfront and present this time too.

The woes of this celebrity seem to grow
Miami Beach Police Department / Getty Images

Evidently things got out-of-hand once again with the paparazzi. According to news report yesterday from TMZ Bieber was just about to leave his limousine to board the yacht for his party when the photographers got too close for comfort near the limo.

When they were asked to push back about ten feet from the vehicle they refused and stayed too close to the car. Justin’s bodyguards seem to take that as a treat of some sort or just an unsafe distance to the star and responded accordingly. They pushed back and became physical with the paparazzi as they were trying to get in their best shots of the Justin upon his arrival in Miami before heading out on the yacht.

Once of the bodyguards was arrested in Miami, Florida previously. This particular bodyguard used his forearm and shoved it quite hard into the chest of one camera yielding paparazzi that showed up at the scene. When he was arrested before he roughed up one of the paparazzi after taking a photo of Justin shake boarding around Miami. He then took the camera away, removed the memory card to prevent this cameraman from publishing the photos he took of Justin Bieber.

During this whole altercation Justin seemed to whine about how tough his life is. "I just want you to know," he says to the woman filming, "This is so ridiculous. I just want to tell the people out there look what happens – look what happens in my life. All I asked was for them to move over 10 feet so I can get onto the boat."

The paparazzi were just doing what they always do, follow the stars and take photographs, in other words – just doing their job. Yes, they can get a little too close for comfort at times but that doesn’t mean it should invite some sort of violence into the situation if it doesn’t warrant it especially if there is no harm being displayed against which they are guarding.

Justin wonders why these things always seem to happen in his life!

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