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Justin Bieber's mystery detainment at LAX solved: Bad boy persona catching up?

Justin Bieber was detained at LAX for "secondary questioning."
Justin Bieber was detained at LAX for "secondary questioning."
Photo by Kevin Winter

Justin Bieber’s airport drama yesterday has become quite the mystery after he was detained for five hours at LAX. Bieber was returning home from Tokyo, Japan when he was detained by airport authorities. He landed at 1 p.m. and hours later his bodyguard entourage was still waiting for him to come through the gate, according to MSN Entertainment on April 25.

If Bieber didn’t have such a lengthy history with law enforcement at such an early age, folks might have worried about their idol. Being detained in an airport didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary for the pop singer. It wasn’t until 6:20 that Bieber came through the gate and left in a vehicle with four of his bodyguards in tow.’

Why was Bieber detained at the airport? This was a mystery, but it sounds as if the reason for his detainment is due to his bad boy history. Even Bieber latest tweet didn’t address the reason for the hold-up, he just let his fans know that he was O.K. in his tweet. The pop star wrote:

"Life is good. Keep it positive always."

This was certainly short and sweet. A source suggested that Bieber’s detainment might be as simple as a routine questioning. The source said:

"It was a routine secondary set of questioning that Justin has to go through now every time he comes back in the country because he's a foreign national."

Really? There are a countless number of celebrities that have taken up residence in the United States and you don’t hear about a five hour detainment for “routine questioning.” He didn’t have a monkey with him, which was one of the problems he had previously at an airport.

He also had some problems on a flight when his foul language in the past disturbed the people in first class. He was reported to have used vulgar language in earshot of a couple of kids back then. This too didn't seem to be the case today because if it was, the other passengers would have said something.

While flying back from Australia a few years back, his language was so bad that is disrupted people to the point that a passenger had to say something to him. A mother actually confronted him and asked him to stop yelling profanities because she had two children with her, reported in an archived article from Celebuzz.

The mystery of Justin's detainment is over as the New York Daily News reports today that this "secondary questioning" will be routine for Bieber. He will go through this as long as he has an open criminal case. An LAX Police police source said:

"This kid is turning into a male Lindsay Lohan."

There you have it the mystery is solved, Justin Bieber's open court case has made him a target for this "secondary questioning." This is apparently set up to keep an eye on the folks who are in trouble with the law and who are traveling in and out of the country.

Pictures of Bieber emerging from his "secondary questioning" showed him grinning like the Cheshire Cat. None of this seems to bother the kid who was once such a big role model for kids.

Not much surprises his fans anymore, like this recent airport detainment. Why doesn’t he just come right out and acknowledge his airport hold-up and tell his fans what happened? It could be that his manager wants him to just drop it and go on? Apparently it is not bothering the man-child who is just happy that “life is good.”

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