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Justin Bieber's house raid reveals cookie jars filled with weed, drugs, sizzurp

Justin Bieber's house raid reveals drug paraphernali, weed and sizzurp ingredients.
Jason Kempin/Getty Image

Justin Bieber had drugs and related paraphernalia all over his house, including the ingredients to make sizzurp, TMZ reported Jan. 20.

A police raid on Bieber's Los Angeles mansion Jan. 14 revealed he had two entire cookie jars full of weed, four to five empty codeine bottles, and three bongs used to smoke marijuana.

Codeine is a narcotic pain reliever used in combination with promethazine (an anti-nausea drug) to make sizzurp, Bieber's alleged drug of choice.

Justin, 19, has reportedly been overdosing on other prescription drugs, alcohol and weed, causing concerned friends to urge him to go to rehab before his drug addiction turns deadly.

Interestingly, the police didn't seize any of the drugs or paraphernalia because they had initially conducted the raid to find evidence linking Bieber to the alleged vandalization of his neighbor's home. The drug discovery was outside the legal scope of the police search warrant.

Ironically, Justin insisted in 2012 that he would never abuse drugs or alcohol because he doesn't want to fall prey to the self-destructive behaviors that have marred the lives of other teen stars.

"[Some people are waiting for me to] mess up because a lot of teen stars do," said Bieber. "They make that mistake of getting into drugs or alcohol."

Bieber vehemently insisted that would never happen to him because he surrounds himself with people he trusts to whom he can confide his problems (like his mom, pictured above).

Update: Justin Bieber's home didn't look like a drug pad or have cookie jars of weed, says cop

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