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Justin Bieber's brutal honesty in court: 'I was detrimental to my own career'

Justin Bieber admits he was detrimental to his own career.
Paul Morigi/Getty

Justin Bieber must have understood the importance of telling the truth during his deposition because it is hard to believe he could have been more honest. This deposition was for the lawsuit involving his bodyguard assaulting a photographer. According to a March 10 report by TMZ, Justin Bieber stated “I was detrimental to my own career.”

Bieber's painful honesty was in response being asked is Usher had discovered him. He explained that he had been discovered on YouTube.

“Maybe he is seeing just how bad he is for himself,” Vikki Coolidge, from Oklahoma City, said. “I'm sure it was a mistake or he doesn't know what 'detrimental' means, but it would be nice if could see how far down he is bringing himself.”

It is believed that Justin Bieber had wanted to say that he was “instrumental” in his own career. Instead, Bieber told everyone present that he was “detrimental” to his own career.

There is a growing list of all the ways that Justin Bieber has been detrimental to his career. Urinating in a mop bucket, using drugs, speeding through his neighborhood and egging a house are just a few ways that Justin Bieber has been detrimental to his career.

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