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Justin Bieber's alleged 'egging' may be a felony offense, not kidstuff

Look again, Justin Bieber
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

According to NBC News Investigations, teen pop star Justin Bieber better hope he isn't caught with egg on his face because any evidence tying him to accusations of "egging" could result in felony charges for what many might consider "typical kidstuff," egging your neighbor. NBC's report described how, on Tuesday, Los Angeles County sheriff deputies served a search warrant related to a recent accusation alleging Bieber egged his neighbor's home causing "approximately $20,000" worth of damage.

Perhaps in a rural neighborhood, a teen might be required to scrub up his mess and apologize; however, a neighbor and his daughter claim they watched from a balcony as Bieber pelted a home with eggs. Now, if evidence is found in Bieber's home to support charges of "felony vandalism," applicable when damage exceeds $400, this prank could have dire legal consequences for the Beiber.

The egged home, according to Prado De Grandioso sheriff officials, suffered damage to a "decorative facade." The sheriff isn't particularly interested in the contents of Bieber's frig, instead their investigation is centering on "video surveillance" which might back-up the allegations. It's not a giant leap to imagine how damning a video tape would be showing Bieber leaving his home armed to the teeth with egg crates or returning boastful about such an attack.

Spokesperson for the sheriff claimed neighbors videotaped the incident. Now, all of Bieber's security apparatus, including videos, were apparently seized, according to a livestream of official statements It is unknown whether any tapes dismantled and seized might also include audio.

As almost an afterthought, a drug arrest during the "egging" raid was confirmed by the authorities. Though neither the drug nor the person arrested were identified, it, reportedly, was "not Justin."

The press conference ended quickly once the authorities were questioned about whether Justin's celebrity contributed to the size of the response. In denial to the question about Bieber's celebrity status, reporters were told: "None of this has anything to do with his being a celebrity."

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