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Justin Bieber ringtone stops bear mauling: 'Baby' ringtone sends bear running

Justin Bieber ringtone stops bear mauling in Russia
Photo by Mike Windle

Justin Bieber is even rubbing the bears the wrong way these days, not the team, but the furry ones that live in the forest. While a Russian fisherman was being mauled by a bear his cellphone received a call and the ringtone with Justin Bieber singing “Baby” scared off the bear!

Igor Vorozhbitsyn’s picture after the bear mauling indicates that he is lucky to be alive today. The man is cut up and bitten from his head to his chest with cuts and bites also on his arm and hands. The 42-year-old fisherman thought his number was up as the bear was getting the better of him, but that was until the teen crooner’s chorus of “Baby, baby, baby” rang out, according to Austrian Times on August 4.

While at his favorite Russian fishing spot, Igor didn’t see the bear until it pounced on him. He said he had parked his car and was walking to his favorite fishing spot when the bear came up from behind and he felt “a tremendous impact” on his back, reports the Experss co UK.

When the bear heard Bieber’s voice it stopped and then it fled the area. Experts believe that the sudden shock of hearing the ringtone probably startled the bear, causing him to bolt away from the attack. It sounds like Justin Bieber's singing has a negative effect on bears. Maybe they know something his fans don't know!

Igor was in northern Russia’s Yakutia Republic when the attack happened. The bear clawed at him relentlessly and even though the bear made a mad dash once Justin Bieber’s voice infiltrated the scene, Igor was still badly injured.

He was found by other fishermen after he used his phone to call for help. Igor was taken to a hospital and is now recovering from his mauling.

He said that he knows Justin Bieber isn’t for everyone, but his granddaughter had loaded the ringtone into his phone as a joke. Today this fisherman is really happy that his granddaughter’s choice of music is friction to a bear’s ears.

Can you expect Justin Bieber bear repellant on the market anytime soon? Probably not, but it’s a thought! If you are venturing into the woods, it can't hurt to take Bieber's ringtone along with you!

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