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Justin Bieber ridiculed on social media and main stream media after arrest

Justin memed
Justin memed
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Justin Bieber was arrested and bailed out of jail today Jan 23 2014 from allegations that he was driving while intoxicated and resiting arrest. Within hours, social media was on on fire with photos of him with a dumb ass smile on his face, posing for his official mug shot.

Bieber thought that it would be a good idea to smile, maybe he even thought he could use his mug shot for some future PR use . It backfired on him quickly as he was memed and compared to Miley Cyrus. The investigation is continuing and may result in more arrests for his entourage who blocked city streets in South Beach ,where the incident happened.

Bieber, formerly known as a teenage pop singer is now known as a teenaged thug, who has been accused of disrespecting his fans and damaging other peoples property. His fan base of "Bielibers" is dwindling rapidly, as he is spiraling out of control. Parents are not allowing their younger children to listen to him calling him a bad influence. In a recent overseas trip, he is accused of damaging property, belonging to a posh hotel and sleeping with whores.

Just days before his arrest on DUI charges,where according to Miami Beach Police Chief Ray Martinez, Bieber admitted he drank alcohol and smoked illegal drugs. Police raided his California house looking for evidence that he threw eggs at his neighbor's house. This is behavior best suited for an 11 year old at Halloween.

Justin Bieber will be on the fast track to jail very quickly in spite of having Roy Black as his lawyer. Bieber will lose his driving privileges on a condition of any plea or guilty verdict. Bieber is accused of assaulting many news photographers within the last few years. You can bet your house that the press will follow him around in a relentless manner, more than ever, hoping to catch him behind the wheel of a car. Should that happen, the photographer will become a millionaire and Bieber will be arrested and shipped back to court to face jail time for driving. This is not an everyday DUI that the person might be able to get away with driving. The payday for that photo will cause magazines and newspapers to hire photographers to stake out his residence to capture that photo.

Bieber's license was expired at the time of his arrest. You can see his arrest paperwork here . THIS ARTICLE IS COPYRIGHT BY ALEX LLOYD GROSS AND MAY NOT BE RE POSTED OR RE PUBLISHED WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. YOU MAY LINK BACK TO THIS PAGE.

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