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Justin Bieber rejects plea deal in his Miami Beach DUI case

Justin Bieber has been offered a plea deal by prosecutors in his Miami Beach DUI case which he is not interested in. Bieber plans to reject this plea deal offer largely because he doesn't want random drug testing, reported TMZ on Feb. 23, 2014. The deal offered to Bieber, which is often given to first-time DUI offenders, includes community service, an alcohol education course and random drug testing.

 Justin Bieber seen with an hysterical fan in Los Angeles, California
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sources say Bieber's team is not at all happy with this case, feeling the cop lied when he said Bieber reeked of booze, saying he had only a very small amount of booze in his system at that time. It is also alleged the cop has been lying about seeing Bieber drag race, with a GPS device having registered his speed at only 27 MPH. With these serious questions being raised about this case, Bieber is not interested in accepting any plea that has probation where the judge can throw the book at him if anything goes wrong.

So it looks as if Bieber is headed for court in this case, reports The Florida State Attorney has offered Bieber a plea deal wherein he can get the DUI charges dropped if he does the usual punishment, such as 40 hours of community service, attends an alcohol education class, and pleads no contest to reckless driving. However, there is even more to this plea deal offer which has fans thinking Bieber may be the target of a malicious witch hunt.

This plea deal would also include an agreement for Bieber to have an ignition interlock device for three months and attend a “victim impact panel” where the family members of DUI victims would talk to him. Bieber would also have to agree to be randomly drug tested for six to nine months. Bieber clearly feels all of this is terribly unfair under the circumstances. As Bieber learns more and more about American styled justice, he will now need a good lawyer by his side in court.

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