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Justin Bieber refuses plea deal in Miami DUI

Is it true that Justin Bieber does not want to accept a judge's current plea deal because he has both a problem with sizzurp and with marijuana?

Justin Bieber, why does he refuse plea deal?
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It could be true and there could also be a variety of reasons that Justin Bieber won't say yes to that plea deal.

Justin Bieber's camp tells press that it's possible the arresting officer in this case lied about the level of alcohol in Bieber's system. The officer has allegedly said Bieber's breathe "reaked of booze" and yet it only reached 0.14 on the breathalyzer.

Another reason could be that the police officer said that Bieber was performing in a "drag race", but it seems Bieber was only driving at 27mph at the time.

What's true?

At the moment, nobody can say accurately. All anyone can say is that the pop star had rejected a plea deal from the judge who was involved in his Miamu DUI case.

That deal is one that is very often offered to first-time DUI offenders.

A report from TMZ in February has said that Justin Bieber refused to take the deal because he does not want to be subjected to random drug tests.

What do YOU think? Should he take them?

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