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Justin Bieber receives sentencing in Miami DUI court case

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Justin Bieber’s day in court finally happened after several delays. Justin enters a guilty plea for his January DUI Miami arrest on the charges of reckless driving, and resisting arrest.

UPI reports that Justin did not go to court. Instead, he had his attorney enter the guilty plea. The outcome of that plea resulted in a court order of 12-hours of anger management classes. Because he was driving under the influence, he is required to learn about the victims of drunk drivers in another class and he is required to donate $50,000 to the “Our Kids” organization.

Justin was also charged with DUI, but those charges were dropped. According to UPI, they dropped those charges because he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, as they first suspected. Instead, he had marijuana in his system.

Apparently, prosecutors found problems in the case. They contend that the policeman allegedly lied when he accused Justin of drag racing. The police officer also said that Justin had been drinking because he smelled alcohol.

TMZ reports that Roy Black, Justin’s lawyer, fought to keep the young star off probation. If Justin violated his probation in any way, they’d send him to jail and for Justin, that end was very possible. The tabloids are full of how much Justin enjoys having fun and pressing his luck against the legal system.

Judge Altfield said, "Here is someone who is young. His whole life is ahead of him and he just hopefully will get the message. He will grow up. He will use all of his talents positively for young persons."

The judge hoped that Justin "realizes that his actions not only lead to consequences that affect him, but they lead to consequences that affect others who are looking up to him as a role model."

Judge Altfield used Robert Downey Jr. as an example of someone who was on the same path as Justin, but changed directions. He said that Robert repeatedly got into legal trouble "because of the drugs, because of the alcohol, because of the fame, because of all of the pressures that he had on a daily basis and look at what he's done with his life. He turned himself around."

So far, in Justin’s life, he’s entered two plea deals. The last one involved vandalizing his neighbor’s property by egging. That turn out of that case had Justin doing 5 days labor, put him on 2 years probation, attend anger management classes, and pay $80,900 to his neighbor.

Do you think this will finally turn Justin around to be a law abiding person and improve his image as a role model? Sound off below in the comments section.