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Justin Bieber raided by cops looking for eggs but found drugs 'in plain view'

Justin Bieber’s home was raided and drugs were found in “plain view” when the officers conducted a search. While the drugs weren't his, a house guest was carted off in handcuffs taking that rap. If this teen idol is trying to taint his image beyond repair, some would say he is succeeding.

Justin Bieber's home raided and drugs found, which could be cocaine or ecstacy, reports say today. Justin's friend arrested for drugs, which were found in "plain sight" in Biebers home.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to AFP on Jan. 15, A guest staying at Bieber’s house was arrested for the drugs, which were thought to be cocaine or ecstasy. TMZ identifies the person arrested for the drugs as Lil Za, one of Bieber's “close friends.”

The cops were at Bieber’s house with a search warrant stemming from last week’s complaint that the pop star pelted his neighbor’s house with eggs. The neighbor reports $20,000 worth of damage done, which is a felony if this is true.

Bieber was at home during the raid, but he wasn’t arrested. The investigation is on-going today. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officer Dave Thomson said that Bieber was neither “arrested nor exonerated” in the egg vandalism case.

As a youngster Bieber showed so much promise, but he looks to be going down a long road that so many other child stars have embarked on only to find the end was the demise of their celebrity status or even worse.

He has tested the nerves of his neighbors in the Calabasas gated community with racing cars and disgusting language. Now he’s accused of $20,000 worth of vandalism. It is sad to see that the swishy hair kid, who broke onto the celebrity scene via YouTube, take this road.

The excuses are plentiful when it comes to dismissing Bieber’s behavior, but they are about dried up. His punk-like behavior doesn’t seem to be accidental, but more purposely done these days.

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