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Justin Bieber Played Usher

Can Usher still defend Justin Bieber?
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Whether he was a racist or not, Usher recognized the talent and was compelled by dollar signs to propel Justin Bieber into the tween spotlight and make him a star. It’s certain Bieber was not spouting the same line of racist humor that he amused himself with in the video clip below when he met Usher, but after being around Bieber and working with him, could Usher not smell a rat?

Has anyone ever had a friend or associate with whom there was a high level of respect and that person betrayed the expected standard of behavior with an insulting racial comment spoken to you, against any race and you just let it go?

But, if an associate that you know and trust and work with makes an insulting racial comment to someone else about your race, can you just let it go?

It's easy to rationalize. They are a good person. They probably did not mean it the way it sounded. They were just kidding. There is no need to be so racially sensitive. Usher should not feel like he got played by this little white boy who is really a racist at heart.

Justin Bieber is a performer. He is faking all the time. From the sincere, heart felt emotions in the lyrics of the songs he sings to the perfunctory contrition in the words of his apologies, Bieber is a packaged product designed to produces profits. Despite all of his prepared responses and his polished presentation, as the plastic melts under the glaring bright lights of fame, here is the real Justin Bieber.

Since he turned 18, consider all the legal trouble Justin Bieber is facing. His true self is being revealed under the melting plastic. Perhaps, as a result of him being forced by his handlers to conceal the real Justin from the public, an explosion of all that was trapped inside him is occurring. Out of the fullness of Bieber’s heart, there is a volcano of chaos.

Some believe Justin Bieber is just a kid acting out. After all, his antics are little more than teen age pranks that spark casual conversation. Usher called for patience with the lad and he was somewhat flippant as he explained the Bieber behavior in an interview last year.

Now, Justin Bieber has entered another arena. Now, Bieber can have an affect on race relations in Denver and any place else where he is known. Because of these uncovered tapes, Bieber can impact the racial opinions and actions of others who idolize him. Young girls of color who once swooned for the performer may now feel hurt, betrayed or even anger. Ignorant people with racist tendencies could now feel validated by such a prominent figure sharing their viewpoints.

The consequences for making racial slurs in public, have been the increased topic of discussion in the news recently. Should Usher take action to lead a national movement to ostracize the racist Bieber from the music community and work to condemn Bierber to a life of obscurity because of his racist ideas?

In his interview with Oprah a few years back, Bieber poured on the charm, gushed about a crush on Beyonce and epitomized the boy next door. Oprah appeared to lap it up. The public is not so naive to believe that everything seen on television and screen is genuine. The private lives of celebrities does not often match their public persona. Here is that Oprah interview. Does Justin seem insincere?

Justin Bieber played Usher, his fans and the American music scene to his beat and concealed his disdain for people of color all the way to the bank. He is not the first. He will not be the last. If Bieber has grown up, learned better and turned away from in his racial intolerance ( where did he learn that racial intolerance in the first place?) and developed his character to accept and appreciate diversity, why quibble over the "N" word now?

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