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Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom incident lights up Twitter, angers tweens

Everybody loves me..
Everybody loves me..
Photo by Angela Weiss

Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber's own worst enemy. With his talent, fame, youth and enviable good looks he should be on top of the world. If he could just stay out of his own way he could be enjoying pre-2010 Tiger Woods-like popularity. Incidents with the law, mop buckets and low-speed drag racing, though, are securing for the young star just exactly the poor reputation he's unfortunately seeking.

Well, today we have another mark for the ledger. A spat which has been brewing between Bieber and fellow enviable heartthrob, Orlando Bloom, reached a higher level of pith as the two coincidentally ran into each other at a swanky restaurant in some Mediterranean paradise. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Diddy were reportedly there, prompting some wonder why the entire island did not consume itself in the spirit of restoring the worthwhile-character balance of in the universe.

Understandably, the air was ripe with self importance. With the entire world to choose from, Justin Bieber decides not to avoid intentionally walking right up to Orlando Bloom. With the rest of the world to occupy, Orlando Bloom then chose not to try to remove himself from Bieber's presence. Some unpleasantness ensued.

The matter instantly found its way to TMZ. Then Twitter exploded. One would expect there to be considerable overlap between Bieber and Bloom fans, whereby the consensus opinion would be how unfortunate any incident between them would be. To quote the kids; not so much. Bieber disciples are rending their own flesh in outrage and despair. Bloom's popularity is soaring with the 20-and-over demographic, while taking a huge hit among preteens.

The rumor sifting through the vitriol reveals the matter had something to do with Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr; Bieber and Bloom's respective exes. As that became clear, one particular Celebrity Obsession Examiner confirmed in his mind these people, Bieber, Paris Hilton, Diddy, etc., deserve each other. They've got all their money. They've got all the notoriety. They get to fly off and have dinner on Rock-Star Island. But despite every conceivable blessing, these spoiled children get in a slap fight over breakups with supermodels.

Enjoy the fantasy boys. If you ever come back down to the real world, I'm not so sure it will be willing to embrace you.

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