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Justin Bieber offered a deal to lighten the charges against him

Justin Bieber has the opportunity to accept a plea deal to lower the charges against him.

The attorney for Florida State is offering Justin Bieber a plea deal in his resisting arrest and DUI case. The DUI and resisting arrest charges will be dropped if he submits to randomize drug tests, attend classes about alcohol education and must be pleading no contest to reckless driving. In addition to the classes, Justin Bieber must have a device installed in the ignition of his car that will detect any alcohol as well as complete community service for 40 hours.

There have been reports that the drug testing would last anywhere from between 6 to 9 months. Throughout this time period Justin Bieber will be forced to submit any plans to travel with the court and pay for all of the drug testing. If Bieber successfully meets all of the requirements, the prosecutor will submit the plea deal and the two charges will be dropped.

Justin Bieber has yet to comment on the plea deal or any of the conditions he must endeavor to make the plea deal successful. It is unknown whether or not Justin Bieber is intentionally causing trouble for himself just for publicity. Starting out, parents were happy that their kids looked up to Justin Bieber but now he is setting the wrong example for his millions of young fans.


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