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Justin Bieber not welcomed into affluent Atlanta neighborhood

Atlanta, Georgia has become synonymous with Southern hospitality, flashy rappers and great food. There are several facets to this Southeastern gem of a town, that have nothing to do with rappers or down-home cooking.

Residents of the affluent Buckhead neighborhood, outside of Atlanta, are showing their disdain for the music performer by protesting his potential move-in. He has his eye on an $11M, 16,000 square foot mansion in the area.

Nothing personal, but residents are not excited about having Bieber be the boy next door. Recent legal troubles for the entertainer could have everything to do with the protests. Loud parties, DUI charges, drag racing, egging neighbors' homes in former neighborhoods, could cause any law-abiding citizen to cringe at the thought of sharing space with the Canadian-born singer.

Why Atlanta? Well, why not? In America, if a buyer can afford the home, there is very little that anyone can do to stop that. Sources say that Justin Bieber is currently working on new music material with famous Atlanta-born rapper, T.I. He reportedly likes the area and hopes to buy a home there. Living that close to local hip-hop icons is not bad for business either. Other famous people who live in or near Atlanta include: Elton John, Janet Jackson, Rick Ross, T Pain and many others.

Perhaps the 19 year-old heart throb is looking to settle down and turn from his wicked ways. In the interim, residents of Buckhead will protest his impending arrival, in hopes of deterring the frequent, abhorrent behavior Bieber has displayed.


Daily Mail

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