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Justin Bieber: No random drug tests means no plea deal

Justin Bieber refuses plea deal.
Paul Morigi/Getty

Justin Bieber has rejected the plea deal from the judge in his Miami DUI case. The deal offered to the pop singer is the deal often given to first time DUI offenders. According to a February 23 report by TMZ, Justin Bieber said no to the deal because he does not want random drug tests.

Sources from Justin Bieber's camp reported that there are also several other reasons that Bieber rejected the plea deal. One such reason is they believe the police officer lied about the “drag race.” According to GPS, Bieber was only going 27 mph at the time.

They also think the officer lied about Justin Bieber's alcohol level. The officer allegedly stated that Bieber “reaked of booze.” Despite that, the breathalyzer test only showed a .014.

Although those could be valid reasons for not accepting the judge's plea deal, it is widely believed that Justin Bieber does not want to have to submit to random drug testing. It is believed that the pop star has a problem with both marijuana and sizzurp.

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