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Justin Bieber N-word video: Here’s TMZ video of Bieber’s racist chainsaws joke

A 15-year-old Justin Bieber can be seen in a new video released on June 1 from The Sun, whereby the “Boyfriend” singer makes an N-word joke that some may find offensive, says the opening wording of the video that is being copied and distributed, in spite of the The Sun’s attempt to hide it behind a pay-wall that’s allowing people to view the full video for 1 British pound per month. The melee and fallout from the release of the video, which TMZ has held for four years now, is forcing Bieber to make an official statement.

Of course, plenty of online folks are bypassing The Sun article titled “Bieber’s N-Word shame,” with subtitles about the younger and smirking Bieber saying the racial epithet five times, despite those in the video with Bieber urging the pop star and YouTube sensation not to say the hateful word. They are traveling straight to TMZ or YouTube, where various versions of the controversial Bieber video are already appearing, such as the TMZ one attached to this article, or others that open with a warning of the offensive language.

“Father’s Day,” Bieber begins as the answer to another unheard joke about a “black person” on the TMZ video. “That’s just mean. That’s just straight ignorant,” a young voice retorts before Bieber launches into the question of the next joke that has begun all of the online buzz swirling about the video on Sunday. “Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?” Bieber asks. “Don’t even say it,” urges an unknown voice on the video. “Don’t say it.”

Bieber says it anyway, despite the unseen young male’s protests. “Run [n-word, n-word, n-word, n-word, n-word…],” Bieber replies, making the sound of a chainsaw starting up over and over again, as Bieber plays with a purple cellphone case in his hand, taking it on and off his phone. The blurred face of the young woman appearing on his left to viewers in some versions of the video doesn’t display whether or not she finds it funny – she simply continues to text or type on her own phone – however, the TMZ video doesn’t blur her face, and she doesn’t appear to laugh. Yet another voice that’s decidedly female and sounds older than a teenager laughs loudest in the video as she asks, “You could say motorcycles, too. Right?”

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