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Justin Bieber mom secret home: Landlord learns of secret renovation

Justin Bieber's mom had secret renovations done to her rental home in Los Angeles and the landlord learned about it. reports March 23 that Justin pays $8,000 a month for his mother, Pattie Mallette, to reside in the home and has since 2012.

Mallette had some renovations done to the gym and she refused to pay the company that made upgrades over a mirror she felt was a rip-off. So, Justin Bieber's mom's secret home renovation was discovered by her landlord when the renovation company put a lien on her rental property. The landlord was infuriated by the remodel.

According to the report, Mallette has paid more on her bill, but not in full. It's unknown if she'll still stay at the residence since her son is now in Atlanta.

The renovation wasn't the best move Justin Bieber's mom made in this instance. It was against the wishes of the landlord and Justin's mom came off like she was entitled to changing the property's structure.

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