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Justin Bieber mom secret home: Justin’s $8,000 rental home for mom finds trouble

Like son so mother?
Like son so mother?

Justin Bieber’s mom has had a secret home in Los Angeles since 2012, but while Justin has been paying the $8,000 a month rent for his mom’s 2,900 square foot house, his mom managed to get in trouble about the rental without her son’s help. As reported by TMZ on March 22, the secret Los Angeles mansion “is sweeeeeeeet.”

But even the most luxurious mansion needs some TLC at some time, and when Justin’s 37-year-old mom Pattie Mallette decided to do some home improvement in the home’s gym by installing a mirror, she didn’t bother to ask the landlord.

Well, the landlord did find out about the unapproved renovation when the company that had done the work didn’t get paid and filed a lien against the rental house for $3,414.

According to TMZ’s report, “Pattie thought she was being overcharged and refused to pay.”

All’s well that ends well, and Justin’s mom did eventually take responsibility and settle the bill with the company – but paid only about $2,600.

Since Justin Bieber’s mom’s secret home is no longer a secret and the landlord was reportedly very “PISSED!” about the incident, maybe it’s time to let the past be past and move on. If mom is anything like her son, she’ll be quite good at it.

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