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Justin Bieber may be hit with a felony charge

There appears to be an infectious campaign to take Justin Bieber down as hard as possible with rumors now spreading around the Los Angeles District Attorney may file felony charges against him in the egg throwing scandal. The L.A. County District Attorney has a surveillance video which should make it pretty easy to prosecute Bieber for allegedly egging his neighbor's house, reported TMZ on Feb. 10, 2014.

Singer Justin Bieber arrives at the premiere of Open Road Films' 'Justin Bieber's Believe' at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is clearly all hyped up for a Bieber take down and has recommended that a felony vandalism charge be filed against him. A surveillance video seized during the raid at Bieber's house showing Bieber in the vicinity of the area where the egging occurred at the time of the attack
is considered a critical piece of evidence. A voice in the background of this video cursing the neighbor is said to sound like Bieber. Also, the neighbor and his 13-year-old daughter claim they saw Bieber throwing the eggs.

Even though the neighbor claims there was $20,000 in damages to his home and under California law damages over $400 can be considered a felony vandalism, the District Attorney still has discretion to go with either a felony, misdemeanor, or case dismissal, reports The Inquisitr. Lead investigator Lt. David Thompson says he wants a felony against Bieber. However, to many observers there are questions which now must be raised about apparent “over-zealousness” to get Bieber by the police. It is said the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department is already dealing with a black cloud of corruption charges, as is true of police departments across the entire United States, and therefore findings that this case has been overplayed could lead to a case dismissal.

With questions actually still lingering as to whether or not Bieber actually threw the eggs, it nevertheless appears unusual that these soft eggs, which weren't even hard boiled, are being seen as if they were hand grenades. Furthermore, questions should be raised as to what kind of dispute actually has existed between Bieber and his neighbor and why. If there is any truth to this entire story it appears there has been an unusual lack of questions raised about any possible incitement by his neighbor. If the Los Angeles District Attorney has any inclination to consider public opinion regarding any future career interests, it appears this case should be dismissed and investigations of police brutality should be opened up.

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