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Justin Bieber may be fined for cursing out court reporter during deposition

It seems that Justin Bieber just can't catch a break these days and there have been many scandals that have plagued him in recent weeks and now the lawyer who deposed him recently is demanding that "The Biebs" answer questions regarding Selena Gomez that he dodged, TMZ reported on March 14.

While being questioned last week about an assault case which involved his bodyguards and a photographer, Justin Bieber and his lawyer stormed out of the hearing after the bodyguard's lawyer insisted that he answer if Selena Gomez was present during any incident involving fights with photogs.

Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, quickly objected because felt the lawyer's question was inappropriate. However, the lawyer continued which got Bieber infuriated and he yelled...."Don't ask me about her, do not ask me about her!"

Following the outburst, Justin and Weitzman stood up and left. Perhaps Weitzman knows that if during a deposition when you talk about trivial things with the lawyer, you do nothing but hurt yourself.

For those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the "Baby" singer's recent deposition, Bieber "comes across as a twerp so snotty and insolent even Mother Teresa would want to smack him," MWJS writes.

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The lawyer, who claims he was disrespected during the deposition, has now filed court docs insisting that Bieber answer the questions about Selena because "she was present during another alleged photog attack in 2012 ... and what transpired then is relevant to the current case because it shows Bieber has a pattern of aggression toward photogs," TMZ reports.

Reportedly, he has also asked the judge to fine Bieber for his rude actions after he cursed out the court reporter.

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