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Justin Bieber: LAPD Needs to Determine if Crime Occurred

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In the latest news of our Canadian friend Justin Bieber, he has been accused of attempted robbery. A woman who was enjoying a night out in LA happened upon Bieber playing a little miniature golf.

According to the report an altercation popped off between Justin Bieber, his crew and some guys and Bieber confronted the woman when she reached for her cell phone.

He demanded the phone to verify there were no photos of the situation. When the woman refused, it is said Bieber reached into her purse and retrieved it on his own.

When he couldn’t unlock the phone he gave it back to her and she obliged showing him there were no pictures. Justin screamed, "You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don't you just get out of here?" Her daughter started crying.

TMZ has confirmed with the Los Angeles Police Department the complaint was taken at the woman’s home Tuesday night. This of course has not been the first time Justin Bieber has been in trouble. In fact there is a petition to deport JB back to Canada because he has not followed the conditions of his Visa.

This story is still developing and the Raleigh Social Media Examiner will have an update as to if Justin Bieber will be charged with any crime.