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Justin Bieber knows exactly what he's doing

Above the law..
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is not out of control. He's acting like a complete jackass, and that's not the same thing. Someone without control (see Lindsay Lohan), has no notion what they are doing from day to day. Commonly poor judgement accompanies dubious awareness, inviting fist-fulls of trouble. While Justin is exercising horrible judgement, and getting into all kinds of trouble, he can't hide behind the cloak of naivete. Justin can control himself, he simply doesn't want to.

Clouded by monumental fame, it's easy to forget how young this kid is. Many, especially juvenile trouble makers, use youth as an excuse. A dearth of age, and thus wisdom, can reasonably account for nude photos and the egging of a neighbor's house. These are at least essentially victimless offenses, and it was kind of refreshing seeing Bieber acting like a kid. Even flipping of the President can be attributed to the actions of a stupid kid. Justin Bieber is not stupid, however, and now that he's moved up to drag racing and driving while intoxicated, we're going to be hard pressed to accept any excuse.

There is a fine, readily-navigable line between stupidity and wonton recklessness. Here's the simple distinction: a true idiot may not understand why he shouldn't speed on a residential street, while a Justin Bieber knows better. While Bieber may share the idiots limited comprehension of true consequences, he knows the difference between right a wrong. He chooses to ignore it, which makes his behavior much, much worse.

Thankfully, Bieber and his friends, who probably are true idiots, didn't hit anyone. They will all get their wrists slapped and be back out amongst us in no time. Next month, if it takes that long, you can expect to find Justin trending again on Twitter for doing something conceptually moronic. And while it's easy to believe, Justin is not a moron. He's a punk. As long as he doesn't hurt someone outside his crew the captivated world can shrug it off. Hopefully he will grow up before it goes any further (see Doubt It).

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