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Justin Bieber: Just the beginning at 19

Justin Bieber at age 19, is just beginning his clash with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Justin is at the age where as a young adult, you start testing and challenging the system. With money and fame you tend to test the system more. Justin feels invincible like all 19 year olds. They feel that bad things happen to other people and not them. Most 19 year olds, see themselves as warriors and smart enough to beat any system. That feeling of invincibility is heighten when they are high and on drugs.

The new face of Justin Bieber

Justin is at the age where, parents even sometime lose control and find themselves their for support only. As parents, their advice falls on deaf ears, peers have more influence. As parents, they do not condone his actions and bad choices. Sometime parents contribute to the choices that teens and young adults make because of their permissiveness at an early age.

Life is about making choices, and things happen for a reason and sometimes things happen due to bad decisions made by the individual. No longer can society, movies or peers be responsible for influencing choices that Justin or anyone else at his age or older make.

Justin Bieber has fame and he has money. He also has people in is entourage that should not be there. They are not there in his best interest. Justin must be taught early that he is not above the law and that he will be held accountable for his actions and choices that he make good or bad. Strong consequences now, may prevent Justin from derailing like other stars.

At a young age Bieber was a You Tube phenomenon. He later signed a record contract with Atlanta’s own Usher (Usher Raymond IV). There is an Atlanta connection with Justin. Justin is a protege of Usher, who lives in the great city of Atlanta. Justin’s debut album was ‘My World.’ This album went platinum not only in Canada, but the United States and the United Kingdom. Justin was an overnight triumph and hit singer. The road was paved with fame, power, influence, fans and money early. Justin has several nicknames: J-Beebs, Justin, JB, Biebs, Bieber) Fans should continue to follow and support Justin Bieber, but they should proceed with caution in the JBZ (Justin Bieber Zone). Justin Bieber, maybe lost in his own world. He is just trying to find himself.

‘My world got very big, very fast and based on a lot of sad examples-people expect me to get lost in it.’ -Justin Bieber


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