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Justin Bieber is now facing a sex tape scandal

Things keep getting more confusing these days dealing with the image of Justin Bieber. After being confronted with allegations of egg throwing at the home of a neighbor in California and DUI charges in Florida he is now being hit with rumors he took part in a kinky sex tape with strippers in Queensland, Australia. There are heated rumors a sex tape exists with Bieber doing some really hot stuff with some strippers, reported The Hollywood Gossip on Feb. 3, 2014. It is said this scandalous Bieber sex tape really does exist.

Justin Bieber performing live on stage at 02 Arena in London, England.
Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Bieber was apparently filmed spanking the bare backside of two strippers and "pulling off their panties with his teeth” in the outlandish sex tape. According to the rumors Bieber is said to have been recorded in this sex tape on a surveillance video inside a strip club in Queensland, Australia, during his 2013 tour stop. Sources say there is a 12-minute video of Bieber which is crystal clear in various compromising positions and romping around with the two strippers.

MTV reports Bieber is continuing to live up to his reputation as a bad boy as he was reportedly caught in the performance of lewd acts with a number of strippers in Australia. It is now said this video is being shopped around to various media outlets. Bieber has a reputation for having an insatiable lust for sexy women, and so it appears these rumors could be true. These allegations are said to have created a furor among the deport Bieber from the USA crusaders.

If Bieber was not doing anything at all illegal, let alone seriously illegal, the hate Bieber campaign remains a hypocritical portrayal of double standards by rednecks in the United States. After all a lot of the native American women in Hollywood, such as Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, a Rihanna, are not at all shy about the fact that sex appeal sells well in entertainment circles. And so if that's what Bieber is really into, it appears a young male entertainer also deserves to be recognized for his understanding of the fascination with human sexuality among a lot of people.

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