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Justin Bieber is hit with an egg throwing scandal

It seems as if Justin Bieber can't get very much time off from being hit with scandalous accusations of unusual behavior. Just after news hit the livewire that Bieber was getting back together with Selena Gomez, the serenity of his romantic rendezvous with his old girlfriend was rudely shaken by accusations that he
has become a vicious egg thrower, reports TMZ on Jan. 9, 2014.

 Justin Bieber attends the premiere of Open Road Films' 'Justin Bieber's Believe'  at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This accusation is fishy. The accuser says there is a video of the incident with Bieber cursing at his neighbor. But, the video is dark with no clear image of Bieber and anybody could have been cursing in the background. Still, the neighbor insists Bieber tossed over 20 eggs at his house and scared his 13 year old daughter. Shockingly, Bieber is even under investigation for alleged vandalism. This would be a misdemeanor, unless damage to the property far exceeds $400, in which case it could be a felony.

The neighbor of Bieber in Calabasas, California is said to have called the cops while Beiber was tossing eggs at his front door, reports Pop Crush. The neighbor says he yelled out "What the Hell are you doing?" from
his balcony. However, even though deputies responded to the call, there have been no official reports about anything Bieber has had to say about all of this. In all fairness to Bieber, it appears before rushing to make any final judgements about this alleged incident, he should be given a chance to prepare a statement in response to these allegations.

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