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Justin Bieber has neighbors gasping for air: Hotboxing forces security issues

Justin Bieber has figured out yet another way to cause havoc among his neighbors in Beverly Hills. The Canadian music singer, song-writer and actor may think his antics are cute and definitely has a knack for irritating people lately are actually turning against him.

Vivien Killilea / Getty Images
Justin Bieber's hotboxing antics forces security issues

In news reports that are covering his new ploy for having fun are not really giving the star the publicity in a positive manner. According to the Huffington Post today Bieber’s Beverly Hills condo association is forced to employ additional security measures for the safety of everyone who now unfortunately has to live in close proximity to Justin.

It seems that Justin Bieber when he actually is occupying his penthouse condo has resorted to the act of hotboxing in his residence. This is an issue with his neighbors since the penthouse isn’t as sealed as the other residents would hope it could be.

Hotboxing is the act or practice or smoking marijuana in an enclosed small space. Without fresh air coming into a particular room the smoke builds up and forces those in that space to also inhale the second-hand smoke. Being in this confined space is believed to maximize the narcotic effect causing those in the room to be hit hard by its effects making them even more high than they would become if they smoked a marijuana joint in a more open space. This so called greater high is supposed to pack a punch and impact those in that space as the amount of smoke increases as well as the longevity of the time that is spent in that space.

Neighbors have complained and complained over and over again. The smoke from his habit is escaping under doors and leaking into the hallways. Eventually the smell and second-hand smoke is affecting the neighbors who also live in the condominium complex. They are not humored by his antics and prefer not to inhale the smoke penetrating their personal space.

Police have been called to the complex multiple times and now additional security has been put into place by the association. They are not pleased to say the least and are forwarding the expenses to the owners of Bieber’s units who will be forced to foot the bill for the added hours and guards. The added security would not have been necessary if not for Justin. Now the guards will be working fourteen hour day to ensure the safety of all the other residents and to keep Bieber in line when he is present at his penthouse.

Justin Bieber really needs a wake-up call that his antics aren’t just fun. What he thinks of entertainment is hurtful to those he lives around with all the noise, partying, marijuana smoke permeating the hallways and just plain being annoying to his neighbors. He also practices hotboxing on his private jet forcing his pilots to have to wear oxygen masks in order to operate the jet safely. If they didn’t they couldn’t fly the plane properly and could be at risk of losing their pilots license if a drug test was performed on them. Another way Justin doesn’t think of others and what life altering affects his antics can have on others. He should be forced to abide by the rules just like everyone else in the complex.

Justin Bieber has been declared the worst neighbor in America!

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