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Justin Bieber hands himself over to Toronto Police in assault case

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Justin Bieber was in police custody this evening after he turned himself in to the Toronto Police Department in connection to an alleged assault that took place on December 29th of last year.

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According to reports, Bieber was in the city attending a Toronto Maple Leafs game when his limo driver did something to incur the performer's wrath. Police have alleged that Bieber hit his limo driver several times on the back of the head. When authorities were initially called to the scene, much of the fight was attributed to Bieber's entourage rather than Bieber himself. For quite some time, the melee retreated into history, just another footnote in Bieber's increasingly colorful private life.

It's actually kind of odd that the case would resurface now, just as Bieber is facing different charges in the United States. Just last week, as you are most likely extremely aware, Bieber was arrested in Miami for suspected DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. Bieber bailed himself out for a paltry $2,500. He is expected back in court on February 14th.

Apparent video of the crime in progress has since been subpoenaed by Miami Police, so it's entirely possible - but probably wishful thinking - that the Miami PD are actually developing a case against Bieber.

In all honesty, it doesn't seem as though either crime will stick to the teflon pop star. Tonight, Justin Bieber was in police custody for about an hour and a half before he slunk out the back door. Police handed him his charges, he paid his money and moved on down the road.

What's worse, neither offense seems to have rattled Bieber in the slightest. By now your favorite media outlet has shown you his mugshot from last week's arrest. Such a broad, happy smile. It's as though he can see the street cred congealing on his reputation. He's picturing the twitter of anxious excitement rippling through his pre-pubescent fans.

Tonight's run-in with police was no different. Mere moments before turning himself over to authorities, Bieber left this Instagram post touting his newly released single, "Confident" (which I totally just inadvertently plugged by mentioning). And, strangely enough, the world will most like spend several hours mentioning offhand the name of Justin Bieber's new single, as they tack on another chapter in the pop star's growing tale.

Justin Bieber's court date for his alleged assault is set for March 10.