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Justin Bieber goes on $75K stripper spree after another public peeing incident

Justin Bieber reportedly dropped a cool $75,000 in a Miami strip club Monday night during a birthday celebration for rapper Lil Scrappy. Justin, 19, flew from Colorado for the party adventure, according to TMZ on Jan. 21. This after fresh allegations Bieber is abusing the narcotic concoction Sizzurp, and was caught urinating in public again.

Justin Bieber partied in Miami, dropping $75,000 on strippers amid continuing allegations of drug abuse.

Justin Bieber didn't just make it rain, he made it pour in Miami. The Canadian pop star first hit up a famous nightclub before moving on and dropping $75K on strippers, according to a rep for the strip club.

Justin flew from Colorado to Miami Beach, where he was first seen frequenting nightclub hotspot Mansion. A few hours later he went to the King of Diamonds strip club where it's believed he was attending a birthday bash for rapper pal Lil Scrappy.

A King of Diamonds rep confirmed to TMZ that Bieber got $75,000 in one dollar bills, and went wild in the club. Maybe that was the singer's way of dealing with the latest accusations he has a major drug addiction.

Stories have been circulating again that Justin is abusing Sizzurp, a dangerous narcotic drink mixture, ever since his scandalous "egg-gate" episode hit the tabloids earlier this month.

Meanwhile, in a move reminiscent of Bieber's infamous p*ssing in a mop bucket incident last year, an eyewitness told TMZ that prior to Justin leaving Colorado, he peed outdoors in public.

Apparently Justin and crew were cruising through Snowmass Sunday in an upscale wealthy neighborhood, when his motorcade of Cadillac Escalades pulled over.

Bieber jumped out and p*ssed his initials into the snow as nearby residents looked on in disbelief. Bodyguards surrounded him as hid did his dirty deed.

After Justin fled, the shocked residents rushed over to see his "JB" initials clearly carved into the snow.

Maybe Bieber has a baby bladder?

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