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Justin Bieber gets fatherly words of wisdom from Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber has been quite visible in the news recently. Having nothing to do with his music, he has been behaving rather poorly, for all his fans to see. This downfall looks to be a trend among young pop stars who hit the limelight very young. Luckily, Bieber has received some advice from another pop star's father that he will likely ignore as the source is not very reliable. According to US Magazine on January 28, 2014, Billy Ray Cyrus opened up and shared his fatherly advice for the young Bieber.

Will Justin Bieber take Miley Cyrus's dads advice?
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“I would say, first of all, hey, I’m sure he’s got lots of people talking to him right now. I would just invite him to come down and chill out with me, maybe in Tennessee. Let’s go up to the teepee, build a fire, step away and just, you know, maybe take a break for a little bit, just think about what’s important. Get back to life. … Build a fire, count the deer and the hawks and relax a little bit.”

Naturally, this advice is ironic and far fetched, but Cyrus may have a point. Maybe this is Justin Bieber's time to step away from the media for a while. After all Billy Ray's daughter Miley Cyrus needs her fair share of media.

While stepping away from it all and "taking a break for a little bit" may be a fantastic idea for Biebs, is Billy Ray really the one who should be sharing advice? His daughter has displayed a good share of poor behavior and ridiculous antics in order to move herself up the pop star ladder of fame.

With Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber heading in the same direction, it is safe to say their publicity teams are excellent at what they do. Justin Bieber had been out of the pubic eye before this, so this latest stunt is a good way to say "Hey look at me!" Of course Billy Ray Cyrus would lend his fatherly advice as he has been there done that with Miley.

Will Justin Bieber step away and take a break? It is unlikely.

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