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Justin Bieber gets back at Selana Gomez by posing with Yovanna Ventura

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have had an incredibly rocky relationship. Not surprisingly, many fans have wanted to see the two stars go their separate ways for good. While it appears Selena is attempting to do just that, a Wednesday story by Hollywood Life reveals that Justin Bieber has been posting risque images with Kylie Jenner and Yovanna Ventura to get back at Selena.

While fights between young lovers is nothing unusual, it seems this fight got started when Selena Gomez recently backed out of an agreement to do a duet with Bieber. Considering that this would have likely been a major hit, it is easy to see how this could have angered the controversial pop superstar. However, many fans are calling his actions towards Selena as petty, but this does not seem to have phased the Biebs.

Unfortunately, this is not the only bad news surrounding Selena Gomez. After she removed Kendall and Kylie Jenner from her friends on Instagram, rumors started swirling that the Selena was feuding with the two reality stars. Not surprisingly, when Selena and Kendall were spotted at the same party recently, it drew the attention of the media. Luckily, Just Jared is reporting that the event was cordial, and that the stars largely just avoided each other.

Unfortunately, many celebrities would not have taken the high road in this instance. Yet, considering the superstar status of the people involved, it is likely that they did not want to make any more headlines than was necessary. To this end, Selena and Kendall were both successful.

Do you think that Justin Bieber is over the line by attempting to get back at Selena through social media? While these allegations continue to swirl, there are only a couple of people in the world that know the truth. However, this has never stopped fans from guessing about these situations.