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Justin Bieber: Expired Georgia driver's license, Miami arrest update

Justin Bieber Sizzurp use questioned.
Justin Bieber Sizzurp use questioned.
Radar Online

Miami Beach Police say Justin Bieber was resisting arrest when they had to handcuff and transport him for booking into the Miami-Dade County Jail. They also learned that the pop star was driving a yellow Lamborghini with an expired Georgia driver's license when he was caught driving twice the posted speed limit and smelling of alcohol based on the latest NBC Miami report for Jan. 23.

Prescribed medication use as well as drinking alcohol prior to the race through town with one of his friends has been admitted by the young male celebrity. And the disclosures follow on the heels of more negative news about his controversial conduct over the past year, which includes a claim of egg throwing by a neighbor of the Canadian singer's U.S. residence.

Justin Bieber now faces serious charges of resisting arrest, suspicion of drag racing and DUI in a state in which George Zimmerman has made a national focus of interest. And with the young male singer adding an expired Georgia driver's license to the list of his offenses, he isn't going to get off as easily as he may hope in this situation, as driving with an expired license is a serious offense when coupled with a DUI charge, resisting arrest and drag racing. And getting his renewed as the Real ID Act goes into effect this year will further complicate his life.

And if he was using Sizzurp, like Radar Online speculated Thursday, then he may be hearing from his mother just like Lil Wayne did when his doctor informed the rapper's mother about his codeine drug use.

Atlanta Crime Examiner Radell Smith has a degree in criminal justice and behavioral forensics. And she thinks celebrities who drink and drive and resist arrest while sporting an expired license should get the book thrown at them, even if they can sing. After all, it might finally wake the young singer up, as he appears to have lost his way in more ways than one.