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Justin Bieber evening news: Toronto arrest, toxicology test results, more

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Here’s the evening Justin Bieber news update which includes his Toronto arrest, the results of his toxicology test, his million dollar a month spending habit, his Miami drug binge, and more for those keeping track of Justin’s bad behavior and his latest legal woes. This Justin Bieber evening news update is based on Jan. 30 news reports from CNN, ABC News, TMZ. com, the Los Angeles Times, Radar Online, the Huffington Post, and others.

  • Justin Bieber’s Toronto Arrest for Assault

Justin Bieber has been charged with assaulting a Toronto limousine driver last month. Last night Justin voluntarily went to a Toronto police station and voluntarily turned himself in.

The assault occurred last month when a limo driver picked up Justin and his entourage (a group of six) outside a Toronto nightclub around 3 a.m, A fight broke out between one of the passengers and the driver of the limousine, who was struck several times on the back of the head. The driver stopped the limo, got out and called police, but by the time they arrived, Justin had fled from the scene.

Justin had to be escorted out of the rear exit of the police station in order to avoid the mob of paparazzi and fans who greeted him when he arrived. He’s due to appear in court on March 10.

Justin has an arraignment date of February 14 in Miami DUI and drag racing charges See Justin Bieber DUI, Drag Racing Charges Dropped or Not: Contradictory Reports . He’s also still under investigation in California for felony vandalism charges involving an egg-throwing incident that caused $20,000 worth of damage to his neighbor’s house.

  • Justin’s Toxicology Test Results: Xanax and Marijuana

Justin Bieber’s toxicology test results from his Miami DUI arrest are in. Justin tested positive for marijuana and prescription drugs. His urine test showed that Justin had showed traces of THC and Alprazolam (the main drug in Xanax) in his system at the time of his arrest by Miami Beach police.

When the arresting officer told Justin that he “reeked of marijuana” Justin admitted that he and his friends had been “smoking all night at the studio.” He also told the officer that his mother had given him Xanaz pills.

Justin’s blood alcohol level was .014 which is well below Florida’s legal limit. But officers say his pupils were dilated and he failed the physical field sobriety test miserably. H is balance was off, and he was unable to follow an object with his eyes, stand with his eyes closed, or walk a narrow line.

Justin tested negative for cocaine, opiates, meth and other drugs but these reports will.

This information will only confirm to the thousands of people who signed the “Deport Justin Bieber” petition, that Justin should be kicked out the United States. See Justin Bieber Not Likely to be Deported from United States.

  • Justin’s Miami Drug Binge Destroys Rented Mansion

During Justin Bieber’s week-long stay in Miami, he rented a 5-bedroom mansion at the rate of $4,200 a night. While he was there, Justin and his entourage went on an extreme drug binge that left the rented mansion reeking of marijuana.

The stench of marijuana was so strong that the rental agency had to keep $5000 of Justin’s $20,000 security deposit to cover the cost of removing the stench of marijuana to make it livable again.

  • Update on Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

The “Deport Justin Bieber” petition now has more than 180,000 signatures, almost twice the number of signatures required for the president to give an official response. But petition signers shouldn’t get too excited because Justin Bieber is unlikely to be deported from the United States. See Justin Bieber Not Likely to be Deported from United States.

No matter how many signatures the petition contains, for Justin to be deported, other requirements must be met. Justin cannot be kicked out of the country unless he is convicted of a crime of “moral turpitude,” an aggravated felony, or sentenced to a crime punishable by more than a year in prison.

  • Justin Bieber Spending a Million Dollars a Month

Justin Bieber’s spending habits are totally out of control if the rumors about him are true. Justin has an estimated net worth of about $160 million, which he is reportedly spending at the rate of a million dollars a month.

The people who handle Justin’s investment account at the Mellon Bank have allegedly complained that there is nothing left for them to invest. See Thursday Justin Bieber News: Toxicology Report, Toronto Arrest, Million a Month

Sources say Justin spends $8,000 a week on marijuana. He also has a large entourage who not only traves with him, but live in his home. Justin’s new gal pal, Chantal Jeffries his father Jeremy Bieber, and the rest of his entourage just returned from a lavish vacation in Panama at Justin’s expense.

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