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Justin Bieber egg raid: Police found illegal drugs, codeine in search

Justin Bieber egg raid: Police found illegal drugs, codeine in search
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The now infamous egging of his neighbor’s house may have landed Justin Bieber in more hot water than he ever anticipated. According to the Jan. 20 post on Wetpaint, police found illegal drugs and paraphernalia in the singer’s home that may indicate a serious drug addiction.

Police reportedly found 2 large cookie jars filled with marijuana. Also fouind on the premises is what is described as a dedicated smoking room outfitted with hookah pipes. When police arrived, a few of Justin’s friends reportedly flushed more drugs before they could be confiscated.

More alarmingly was the discovery of the ingredients to make what is being called Bieber’s drug of choice, sizzurp. Police found 4 or 5 empty bottles which had contained codeine, one of the ingredients. They also found Pineapple Fanta soda bottles that showed discoloration consistent with codeine.

While drugs were no the focus of the police search, they were found and those close to the young singer are urging him to seek rehab, according to TMZ.

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