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Justin Bieber DUI plea deal rejected because he'd have to stop smoking weed?

Celebrity stoner news! Justin Bieber, the teen scene celebrity who was recently arrested for DUI and resisting arrest, has allegedly rejected a plea deal that would keep him out of jail. Why? Because according to the terms of the agreement, he would have to submit himself to regular drug testing and stop smoking weed. On Feb. 23, the New York Post said Beliebers could rejoice that the Biebs will be staying out of jail thanks to a fairly sweet offer from the district attorney to let the singer off with essentially a traffic ticket, but they seem to have posted that he'd actually accepted the terms of the plea deal too fast. In a new celebrity gossip article posted Feb. 23, TMZ, an entertainment news source typically far more in the know, shared the news the boy and his legal team plan to reject the plea bargain and also made some some fairly critical commentary.

Justin Bieber is a celebrity stoner. Arrested for DUI in 2014, he has allegedly refused a plea deal because he would have to give up smoking weed and submit to regular drug testing.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

TMZ writes, "Justin Bieber will Reject the plea deal prosecutors in his Miami Beach DUI case have offered ... and a big reason is because he doesn't want random drug testing." They also say, "Prosecutors offered Bieber a deal they often give to [most] first-time DUI offenders ... it includes community service, an alcohol ed course and random drug testing."

The media outlet thinks the Biebs -- or "Bizzle" as he has been calling himself lately since attempting to launch a career in rap music -- is making a mistake to reject the plea bargain from the standpoint all he really seems to be doing is calling attention to the fact he's becoming a drug addict. And, there is no real way to spin that news in a positive direction unless you are Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson -- neither of who have reputations for acting like public jackasses or being violent.

While smoking weed itself might not be such a bad habit to have, taking a plea deal that almost guarantees you will fail in the eyes of the court might not be the best way to handle his legal mess. Bieber might want to simply take the risk of being convicted and serving time in jail to increase his street credibility in the Hip Hop community.

Rather than running the risk of becoming the next Lindsay Lohan (who constantly violated her probation terms for the better part of a decade and trashed her career in the process), baby faced Biebs might want to productively use his time in the slammer to fine tune his next phase of music. He is fully tattooed up now, has been in several public scuffles that indicate he is trying to toughen up his image, and seems to be trying to keep his game face on to impress far more serious thugs in the urban music community.

After all, who truly listens to or respects a rapper who has not got any street cred? At least if he does spend some actual time in jail to atone for his social issues violations, the icon will have a chance to remake his image.

While his actions might be to the chagrin of parents who have faithfully footed the bill for his lifestyle by giving their children hefty allowances they used to buy his singles and albums, if he actually goes through with this plan to land himself in some sort of minimum security prison or county jail for a while he might be able to remain musically relevant into his twenties. Nothing seems to validate a rap star's career more than being able to say they were down and out and survived incarceration.

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