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Justin Bieber: Deposition regarding photographer assault (Video)

Justin Bieber seemed reluctant to answer questions from a lawyer representing a photographer who claimed Justin Bieber - the pop music star - ordered a body guard to attack him during the summer of 2013, according to CNN on Monday.

Justin Bieber photographed with Selena Gomez
New York Daily News

Video segments of Bieber’s deposition – ordered by a Miami Judge in the lawsuit of the photographer against Bieber – were posted online on Monday via TMZ and other media sources. This video clip was released a few days after another Miami judge allowed a video of Bieber to be released in which Bieber gave a urine sample in jail after a January arrest involving an alleged DUI incident.

During the deposition, Bieber quite callously winked at the camera and displayed hostility during the majority of the questioning that went on some four hours by Miami attorney Mark DiCowden who represented Jeffrey Binion – the photographer suing Bieber.

An objection came from Bieber’s attorney when the photographer’s attorney asked Bieber if he had a long-term relationship with Selena Gomez. Bieber and Gomez's relationship involved many interactions with paparazzi.

At one point, Bieber said that he didn’t have to listen to anything attorney DiCowden had to say. He also compared the questioning by the attorney to a Katie Couric interview.

Bieber was also asked if he knew Usher – the singer. Bieber said, “Yeah, Usher. That sounds familiar.” Sometime later, he admitted that he knew Usher but he wouldn’t give Usher credit for assisting his career. When asked if Usher helped his career, Bieber said that he was found on YouTube. He said, “I think that was detrimental to my own career.” It is assumed he meant “instrumental” to his career and not “detrimental.”

At one point, attorney DiCowden asked Bieber if he had a prescription for the sedative Xanax. Bieber quickly said, “No, sir.” Bieber’s lawyer immediately said, “Give me a chance to object, ok.” A Miami Beach Police report said that Bieber had Xanax in his system when he received the DUI charge two months ago.

Besides being combative with the photographer’s lawyer, Bieber was rude to the court reporter who transcribed the deposition. At one point when she said she could not hear Bieber’s soft answers to a question, Bieber said, “’Yes’ and ‘no’ are f-cking pretty different."

After Monday’s deposition in the photographer’s assault case, the singer still has to deal with a vandalism charge that alleges that he egged a neighbor’s mansion in Calabasas, California, as well as an assault charge in Toronto and the DUI charge in Miami.

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