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Justin Bieber deposition, real or fake, bad sign either way

Justin Bieber acts his age..
Justin Bieber acts his age..
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Vanilla Ice once suffered an on-camera breakdown when an interviewer dared suggest his behavior was "infantile." Little notice was taken of the incident as this was before the existence of TMZ. Aslo, Vanilla Ice, a talentless hack to begin with, was at the time way on the downside of his undeserved success. Accusations followed that the confrontation was staged. What respect he still commanded rightly evaporated. An attempt to reinvent himself a few years later with an appearance on The Surreal Life failed worse than his movie career. Wow, that's more than I thought I would ever write about Vanilla Ice.

On the basis of talent, Vanilla Ice and Justin Bieber are as disparate as sunshine and bat excrement. From a behavioral standpoint, however, these two contrived celebrity bad boys are trampling some of the same landscape. The difference and thus problem is, Justin has a lot to lose.

Between low-speed car chases and low-IQ disorderly conduct, the reason for all the bad Bieber behavior is as obvious as it is contradictory. He wants to be taken seriously. Here's the other problem, then, he's nineteen years old and crazy famous. Rich and popular kids are at a disadvantage when it comes to learning how to behave. No one in their orbit is willing to rap their knuckles for fear of being kicked out of the country club.

A video has just surfaced; when you're famous, you don't want to be part of a story involving the words, "a video has surfaced," or "pulled over at three in the morning." Justin's biography is littered with a lot of both. Anyway,TMZ got their hands on a video of a deposition relating to a paparrazzi-abuse case, which, of course, they've made public. It's appalling. Vanilla Ice, if he could attract anyone's attention, would say Bieber is acting like a baby. He mocks those, apparently lawyers, questioning him. He feigns amnesia. At one point he appears to fall asleep.

His performance and behavior are Vanilla-Ice worthy, prompting doubts as to the video's authenticity. Yes, we can weather a teenage megastar who urinates in a mop bucket while defaming the President, but we don't want to believe he's senseless enough to laugh his way through an actual assault proceeding. The photo-pirhannas are awful, granted. But, if it's proven you hurt somebody, even a camera wielding parasite, there will be consequences no matter how young, well-known and talented you are.