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Justin Bieber deposition: Can singer be held in contempt for testimony?

Justin Bieber's deposition regarding the alleged attack on a paparazzo by one of his bodyguards while he was in Miami last summer may be one of the most disrespectful, evasive, and arrogant testimonies ever. TMZ posted video footage of the Canadian heartthrob's filmed deposition March 10, revealing for all to see that the just-turned-20 pop star has nothing but contempt for authority. Not to mention a downright bratty attitude.

But does authority have contempt for him?

Refusing to cooperate or to answer questions during a legal deposition can lead to rulings of contempt of the proceedings. Perhaps Justin Bieber believes it will add to his street cred. Now that he is so close to being a hardened criminal (via his arrest in Miami) and palling around with rappers (Rick Ross and T. I., to name but two he was seen hanging out with in Atlanta recently), his attitude toward attorneys attempting to get his deposition is somewhat understandable. Nothing like a faux thug life to convince 14-year-old little girls that you are indeed a bad boy.

Justin Bieber appeared at the deposition conducted by Mark DiCowden, a Miami lawyer representing photographer Jeffrey Binion, who has accused Bieber of ordering a bodyguard to attack him. The assault is alleged to have occurred in Miami, where Bieber's bodyguard is said to have attacked the professional photographer (Binion refuses to be labeled a paparazzo). In a complaint filed with the Miami Police, Binion claimed that Bieber orchestrated the assault, having one bodyguard manhandle him (he allegedly grabbed him by the throat) while three others took his camera and removed the memory card from it. The camera was returned and the bodyguards left.

Looking every bit as if he just woke up out of a stoned stupor (which might actually explain some of his reactions and answers to the lawyer's questions) when he wasn't preening and winking at the camera, Bieber was a hostile witness throughout, antagonistically answering questions with questions, acting (?) ignorant of the alleged assault, and generally acting bored and temperamental.

His deportment during the deposition did not go a long way in establishing him as a particularly quick thinker, either. Instead, his demeanor and sometimes vapid answers suggest he might want to consider working on a formal education.

When asked if he knew the entertainer known as Usher, Bieber said the name was familiar.

"Isn't it true that Usher was instrumental in starting your career?" DiCowden asked.

"I was found on YouTube," Bieber answered. "I think that I was detrimental to my own career."

Bieber's attorney interrupted, advising Bieber to revise his answer to say "instrumental" -- not "detrimental."

Some might call Bieber's original answer a Freudian slip that may turn out to be rather prophetic...

Oh, and don't ask him about Selena Gomez. At one point in the deposition, Bieber clearly became upset when asked if he knew the young singer, someone with whom he once had a close relationship. When asked if he had ever "discussed his feelings about the paparazzi with Gomez," the "Never Say Never" singer clearly became angry.

He repeatedly told DiCowden, "Don't ask me about her again." Six times. He even wagged his finger at DiCowden.

Bieber also used the moment to storm out with his lawyer.

Binion's lawsuit claims he suffered bodily injury at the hands of Bieber's bodyguards, endured pain and suffering, mental anguish and incurred medical expenses.

The deposition is just the latest in what has become a string of legal issues for the young singer. Besides the lawsuit from Binion, Bieber currently is facing a DUI charge that could go to a trial in Miami. He was also recently arrested and charged with assault in Toronto. And a Los Angeles prosecutor is close to deciding on a possible vandalism charge over an alleged egg attack conducted by Bieber on his neighbor in Calabasas, California.

So is a contempt charge for Justin Bieber just around the corner? Perhaps. If so, it would simply put an official seal on what many already feel towards the seemingly out-of-control pop star.

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