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Justin Bieber declares war; Forrest Griffin wants to train Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom
Instagram/Justin Bieber

You guys have seen the video of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at Justin Bieber at Cipriani Restaurant in Ibiza. Said video is now going viral on web and in case you missed, you can still see it in TMZ. Netizens thought it was already finished, but all of them are wrong because of the latest Instagram post made Justin Bieber this afternoon, July 30, 2014.

Justin posted a photo of Orlando dissolving into tears. Based on the latest and updated report of TMZ, the Canadian superstar is declaring war against Orlando Bloom. It can be recalled that Justin posted a sexy photo of Miranda Kerr hours after Orlando took a swing at him at a restaurant in Ibiza, but due to some reasons, he took it down after a few minutes.

After seeing his latest Instagram post, some observers took to their social media accounts and expressed their disappointment. Many of them agreed that Justin should stop provoking Orlando Bloom on Instagram and make a way for reconciliation. Meanwhile, if Justin Bieber is making a noise on Instagram because of his latest post, Orlando is gaining sympathy from a UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin.

Based on the report, Griffin offers his services to train the British actor how to fight so he can take Justin Bieber the next time they face off. Reports added that the former Light Heavyweight champion became unhappy when he saw the video of Orlando throwing a punch at Justin. “He threw a week-ass punch,” Forrest Griffin said.

Griffin revealed that he is a fan of Orlando, he added that Orlando can move to Las Vegas anytime to train with him, but he also warned the British actor to stay safe because Justin may also ask Floyd Mayweather to teach him some important moves so he can beat Orlando Bloom.

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